Water Does Wonders!

The second theme was Water does Wonders. This theme encouraged children and their families to make water their GO-to drink.

Why ‘Water does Wonders!’

Beverages account for almost half (44 per cent) of kids’ sugar intake every day. Sugar-sweetened beverages are a concern for children’s health. They can replace more nutritious choices and contribute extra calories and sugar to children’s diets. Excess sugar intake is linked with other negative health outcomes, such as:

  • An increased number of dental cavities,
  • And among adults, an increased risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

We want to encourage children to limit sugar-sweetened beverages and to drink more water.

Our bodies are made up of about 60 per cent water. We need water for many important bodily functions. For example, we use water to:

  • Cool off by sweating.
  • Carry nutrients (like vitamins and minerals) to different parts of our bodies.
  • Carry waste (like carbon dioxide) out of our bodies.
  • Digest food, maintain fluid balance, blood pressure and kidney health.
  • Allow our muscles to work.

We become dehydrated if we don’t get enough water or other fluids. What is most important is that a person drinks enough fluids to quench their thirst and feel hydrated. Water is an excellent choice of fluid as it has no calories, no sugar, is low cost and easily available.

Did You Know? A person’s food preferences are set between the ages of zero and four years-old. Research has shown that when children are used to drinking water at a young age, they are more likely to drink water later in life.

Ready to pledge the promotion of water and reduce the availability of sugar-sweetened beverages in your home or organization? Check out www.waterdoeswonders.ca! Refer to the ‘Water does Wonders’ Toolkit for more information on and resources for this theme, including a fact sheet on healthy hydration.